Kentucky offers aggressive tax incentives for film production, making it one of the more affordable film production locations in the United States. Due to the growing number of films coming to the state, Kentucky's demand for crew is growing. 


Our Mission: To train a workforce in Kentucky to support the growing number of films that are coming to the state. 


This certification program is all about training people to get jobs! It is intended for everyone from professionals who want to apply their craft in the film industry to university students who want to break into the market. This is the only certification program recognized by the Kentucky Film Office and the Kentucky Film Association.

We have partnered with a Los Angeles based company to deliver Hollywood standard information in our online courses. The hands-on training is delivered by film professionals working in the state of Kentucky.


You are only 30 seconds away from taking your craft, your skills, and your filmmaking career to the next level.

Presented by Asbury University