Looking for a way to start working in Kentucky's film industry?

If you want a career in the film industry, you MUST know how it works.

Don't be one of the thousands of people who fail, then give up on their dreams. Hundreds of successful industry professionals - many of whom have started out the same way as you - are here to teach you what they've learned. Kentucky Film Certification is recognized by the KY Film Office and KY Film Association and is the best way to improve yours skills, get certified, and get more work. 

How it works:

Choose an area you would like to be certified in. You may complete more than one certification and will not be required to take overlapping modules a second time.


There are two levels of certification:

  1. Level One Certification:

    1. Complete online courses taught by Hollywood professionals. This includes an overview of the entertainment industry as well as certification-specific content.

    2. Attend hands-on classes led by Kentucky's leading industry professionals.

  2. Level Two Certification: Participants must work on at least five professional productions in their chosen job-specific role and be positively evaluated by their supervisor. Advanced Certification shows that you have both training and experience in Kentucky Entertainment Industry databases.

To begin, you must choose the certification you wish to attain. You will have 3 months (12-weeks) to complete all online training material. Material length varies depending on the track. When you take a course, you will be trained through 8-16 lessons, each with a 30-minute video, illustrated companion text, downloadable supplemental files, and a discussion board connecting you with other industry professionals. You will then be tested over your understanding of the material, giving you a chance to improve and learn. The cost of online training will vary depending on the certification. If you do not complete the online material before the three-month period is over, you will be required to pay for and go through the material again.

Upon completion and passing of all online course material, you will then need to sign up for the associated hands-on training class. The class will be taught by leading industry professionals in the state of Kentucky. In this training, you will actually touch and do what you learned in the online lessons. You will learn industry-standard practices in your field as well as network with the professionals who have built the film industry in Kentucky. Cost of hands-on workshops will fluctuate and will be available based on trainers' availability. See Hands-On Training Schedule.

In order to participate in a hands-on training you must complete all associated online material. 

Upon completion and passing the certification course, you will receive a certificate of completion. That completes the process for Level One Certification. Upon completion, you will be entered into a verifying Certification Database, which confirms your certification. This database is available to all industry professionals, producers, and governing bodies like film commissions, studios, and networks that come to the state looking for people to hire. 

If you wish to attain Level Two Certification you will be required to work on a minimum of five professional productions in your chosen job-specific role and be positively evaluated by your supervisor on set. As a participant in the program, you are responsible for obtaining employment on professional productions. It is not up to KY Film Certification to find work for you. You will need to use the skills learned in training to network your way in.