Steadicam Certification


In order to receive your Steadicam certification  you must take the following online course:

  • Welcome to the Film Industry
  • Camera Department

If you have been working in the industry and can show proof or a film student at a Kentucky-based University, the above online courses will be waived.

After completing the online training, you will be emailed a password so you can sign up for the following hands-on training sessions:

  • Steadicam Class

This certification is only offered once a year by the SOA (Steadicam Operators Association) in KY. The workshop gives each participant ample practical and theoretical experience to begin working professionally, plus the mental tools needed to meet future challenges, as well as exercises and shots to practice after completing the course.

The class will meet in the Asbury University Miller Arts Building. See the downloadable map. Plan to dedicate 3.5 entire days to the training. It will begin promptly at Wednesday, Oct 11 at 6pm and end Saturday, Oct 14 at 6pm. Workshop participants are responsible for food, travel and hotel arrangements. 

The training consists primarily of specially designed exercises and shots, interspersed with short lectures, demonstrations, stories, and videos of great Steadicam work. As much time as possible is spent working with the Steadicam.


  • Physical principles - vest, arm and sled
  • Balancing the Steadicam - both static and dynamic
  • Inertial control and augmentation
  • High Mode
  • Low Mode
  • Long Mode (ultra high and ultra low modes)
  • Shooting from vehicles - hard and soft mounts (often Skymantm is set up as one of the vehicle shots)
  • Safety
  • Right and Left side operating
  • Aids to navigation
  • Stairs


  • Low Mode
  • Focus Control
  • Video Transmission and Reception
  • Video Assist
  • Video Recording
  • Steadicam JRtm and Minitm
  • New equipment and prototypes

At the end of the course, a very difficult shot is designed as a final test. Each operator is filmed as they do the shot. Both the shot and the video of the operator are reviewed.

Workshop participants should be in good health and free of back or other physical problems. Using a Steadicam properly does not hurt your back - it gently makes it stronger and it also improves posture. There are several successful female operators who weigh less than 130 lbs., and few male operators who weigh twice that.

Good shoes, such as Cross-Training athletic shoes, should be worn every day. Clothing should be layered, as we work both outside and inside and the weather can be quite warm or cold.